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Leather Craftman Florence Our company was established in 1961 when Roberto Pierattini after a long experience working for many years for a prestigious manufacturer, opened his workshop in Florence producing typical Florentine objects covered leather and decorated by hand, Roberto is joined by his wife Franca Baldi, working alongside Robert the workshops evolves into a production company.

At the beginning of the 80’s with the change of market trends, the company evolves and is restructured, producing specific objected commissioned by clients, the main item being a 24h attaché’ case for men, with a wooden frame covered in leather, a long collaboration with prestigious Swiss Brand is initiated.

With the accumulated “know-how” and the addition of other skilled staff, the company continues to evolve and takes a leap forward entering the into the fashion accessories sector, in particular producing luxury ladies handbags, commissioned to order from prestigious retailers in Milan and Turin.

Production Leather FlorenceAt present our production is one hundred percent ‘’Made in Italy’

In the 90’s the company is characterized by its production per clients requirements, producing for well known Italian brands with international markets such as: Gucci, Fendi, Ferragamo and then producing for foreign brands and international clients.

In the 2000 we launch our brand ‘’Pierattini’’ but continuing to offer our acquired ‘’know-how’’ to varied clients, with the strength, extensive experience and expertise of those in our internal departments, from pattern to product development to final production allows us to remain on a high quality level.

’ which is the company’s strength, emphasising the added value of production at a high quality level combined with the company’s flexibility.

With the new generation taking over, son Filippo and daughter Cinzia, work together in the continuation and transformed ‘’Pierattini Group’’ dynamic and ready to interpret new fashion trends with the market requirements ensuring the company continues to evolve.
The Pierattini Group, has become part of an Italian consortium ‘’Centopercento Italiano’’ which it thought was of great importance, and its products are also in the consortiums "concept store" I-Place in Scandicci.

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